Conference Topics

The conference is organised around a number of special sessions and topics.

Special sessions:

- to be updated

Air Quality topics:
- Air quality and impact on regional to global scales
- Air quality databases, information systems
- Air quality management and policy
- Chemical and physical transformation processes
- Development/application of air quality and related models
- Emission models/inventories
- Environmental and health impact resulting from air pollution
- Environmental Meteorology
- Integrated modelling systems
- Interactions between local, regional and global scales
- Measurement of air pollutants and process studies
- Meteorological processes/interactions
- Model evaluation studies
- Parameterization schemes
- Personal exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution
- Role of aerosols in determining air quality
- Sampling techniques/instrumentation
- Source apportionment studies
- Earth observations for air quality research
- Wind tunnel/physical modelling