Special session TRANSPHORM

Transport related air pollution - focus on particulate matter and its impact on cities and across Europe

You are kindly invited to contribute to the special session on "Transport related air pollution" with oral or poster presentations. Please select topic "Special session - Transport related air pollution" when submitting your abstract.

Chair: Prof. Jaakko Kukkonen
Prof. Ranjeet Sokhi and Dr. Vikas Singh

Background and scope 

This special session will be led by EU-funded project called "Transport related Air Pollution and Health impacts - Integrated Methodologies for Assessing Particulate Matter” (http://www.transphorm.eu/). However, the session is open to all researchers and users with an interest in air quality and impact resulting from transport in our cities and across Europe and other regions of the world. Transport which is assumed to contain all modes of transport, including vehicular transport, marine transport and aviation.

This session aims to bring together air quality and health researchers and users (i) to improve the knowledge of transport related airborne particulate matter (PM) and its impact on human health, and (ii) to develop and implement assessment tools for scales ranging from city to Europe. The scope of the session will include development, evaluation and implementation of integrated methodologies to assess the health impacts of particulate matter (PM), resulting from transport related air pollution, covering the whole chain from emissions to disease burden.

List of topics included in this special session:

  • Measurement and modelling of pollution originated from transport, with particular focus on particulate matter
  • The impacts on human health of air pollution originated from transport
  • Local and regional-continental scale studies
  • New methodologies and models for examining air pollution from transport and the role of atmospheric processes
  • The impacts of abatement measures and policies
  • Improvements in emission inventories for transport-related pollution

Submission and review of abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted normally via the website system. Authors should indicate in their abstract that they wish to have their presentation considered as part of this special session. All abstracts are reviewed through the usual review process of the Conference.

Submission of papers or submission to a specific journal

Manuscripts will later on be requested to be published in one or two suitable journals, such as e.g. Atmos. Environ., JAWMA and GMD.