Special session on non-exhaust emissions

Modelling and measuring non-exhaust emissions from traffic  - emissions out of control

You are kindly invited to contribute to the special session on "Modelling and measuring non-exhaust emissions from traffic" with oral or poster presentations. Please select topic "Special session - Modelling and measuring non-exhaust emissions from traffic" when submitting your abstract.

Chair: Matthias Ketzel
Co-Chair: Bruce Denby


Road transport emissions are a major contributor to ambient particulate matter concentrations and have been shown to cause severe adverse health effects. While exhaust emissions will substantially decrease in the coming years due to more stringent regulation, the non-exhaust emissions are expected to stay at the same level or increase with traffic volume and will represent a dominating part of the total PM emissions. Non-exhaust traffic emissions, unlike exhaust emissions, are totally unregulated. This session invites scientists to present their most recent research results regarding assessment and abatement of non-exhaust emissions from traffic.

List of topics included in this special session:

  • Road traffic related non-exhaust emissions, i.e. wear from tyres, road , brakes, re-suspension of  road dust, sanding, salting,
  • Influence of other sources to non-exhaust dust emissions (as e.g. wind-blown desert dust, quarry/construction dust)
  • Recent measurements or (emission) model developments
  • Source apportionment and emission factors of non-exhaust emissions
  • Emission inventorying and source profiles
  • Process studies / controlling factors
  • Abatement measures
  • Health effects / toxicity of non-exhaust emissions
  • Policy relevance of non-exhaust emissions from road transport

This session will be organised in cooperation with and based on several current or recently finalised international projects, e.g. NORTRIP (NOn-exhaust Road TRaffic Induced Particle emissions - Development of tools for assessing the effect on air quality and exposure), AIRUSE LIFE+Nordic Road Dust Group.

The session is open to all contributions related to the above mentioned topics. All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed according to the normal procedures of the conference and selected papers will be encouraged for a publication in an international scientific journal (e.g. ATMENV, ACP or AAQR…) referring to this AQ2016 special session.