Special session: Air pollution meteorology from local to global

You are kindly invited to contribute to the special session on "Atmospheric pollution meteorology from local to global scales - focus on the modeling and observations of meteorological processes as they relate to air quality" with oral or poster presentations. Please select topic "Special session – Air pollution meteorology from local to global scales" when submitting your abstract.

Chair: Dr Helen Dacre, University of Reading
Ruth Doherty, University of Edinburgh 

Background and scope 

The atmospheric transport of gases and aerosols is a key factor in controlling their concentration and variability.  We welcome presentations covering meteorological processes ranging from local to global scales from both modeling and measurement studies. 

List of topics included in this special session:

  • Topographic effects on air quality
  • Coastal effects on air quality
  • Convective transport processes
  • Boundary layer evolution: unstable and stable
  • Model evaluation using meteorological and chemical observations
  • Boundary layer ventilation of pollutants associated with convection and extra tropical cyclones
  • Intercontinental transport of pollutants
  • Dust, wildfire and volcanic ash transport
  • Precipitation scavenging
  • Ensemble modeling approaches

Submission and review of abstracts 

Abstracts should be submitted normally via the website system. Authors should indicate in their abstract that they wish to have their presentation considered as part of this special session. All abstracts are reviewed through the usual review process of the Conference.

Submission of papers or submission to a specific journal

Manuscripts will later on be requested to be published in one or two suitable journals, such as e.g. Atmos. Environ., JAWMA and GMD.