Mineral dust - focus on its impacts on air quality and health

Mineral dust - focus on its impacts on air quality and health

You are kindly invited to contribute to the special session on "Mineral dust - focus on its impacts on air quality and health " with oral or poster presentations. Please select topic "Special session – Mineral dust" when submitting your abstract.

Chairs: Dr Sara Basart, Dr Carlos Pérez García-Pando, Mr Enric Terradellas

Background and scope 

Over the last years, the scientific community has begun to realize the important impacts of airborne dust on weather and climate, human health, the environment and various socio-economic sectors. The main aim of the proposed session is to evaluate the state-of the-art (recent results and current problems) related to the investigation of desert dust advection from sources and its long-range transport, as well as the impact of these natural particles have on the air quality levels measured at ground level (and consequently its impact on health), from the regional to the local scale. This session invites contributions reporting any such advances as well as studies addressing any aspect of the dust cycle and its impact on air quality and health.

List of topics included in this special session:

·         Impacts of dust storms on air quality levels.

·         Source definition (natural, agricultural dust and dust from human-induced dust sources) and properties of dust.

·         Dust particle size and composition issues.

·         Dust transport, mixing with anthropogenic pollutants and aging.

·         Dust as transport medium for bacteria and biogenic substances.

·         Dust modelling and prediction.

·         Health impact assessment.

Submission and review of abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted normally via the website system. Authors should indicate in their abstract that they wish to have their presentation considered as part of this special session. All abstracts are reviewed through the usual review process of the Conference.

Submission of papers 

Manuscripts may be submitted to appropriate journals such as Atmos. Environ., Aeolian Research and ACP.