Bursaries - CLOSED

Guidelines for Applicants

There will be a limited number of bursaries available from our sponsors.Please note that bursaries will usually only cover part of your costs.

In order to be considered for a bursary you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an accepted abstract for oral or poster slot;
  • Priority will be given to young researchers (not older than 35 on 1 Jan 2018) although older candidates may be considered if funds are available;
  • Candidates may be nationals of any country but if funds are limited then priority will be given to applicants from new EU member states, Eastern European countries and less developed countries;
  • You must agree to provide all necessary information to the sponsoring organisation, such as, a post-conference report and information on any collaboration that may emerge as result of attending the meeting;
  • To apply, once you have your abstract accepted, please send the following via email to airquality@herts.ac.uk with "Bursary air quality 2018" as the subject line of the e-mail not later than 10 January 2018.
    1. Your accepted abstract reference number.
    2. Full CV including references for recent relevant publications;
    3. A statement to indicate if you are member of any of the sponsoring organisations or their affiliated bodies;
    4. A full breakdown of your expenses in Euros (e.g. accommodation, conference fee, travel costs, subsistence and contributions from other sources);
    5. A statement outlining why the attendance of the conference is important to you and how your research will benefit from it.

Please note that the precise amount of the bursaries will be determined by the sponsoring organisations and may only cover partial costs. Consequently, you will be expected to make a contribution towards the overall costs either from your own resources or from other sources. Funds are usually paid to the successful candidates after the conference when actual expenses have been submitted to the sponsoring organisation. 

It is a condition that if a bursary is granted then you must personally attend the conference to make your presentation. You must inform the organisers if for any reason you are not able to attend the conference so that the funds may be allocated to another candidate.